Tesco Online Shopping Customer line is open:
- Monday to Saturday from 7:00 to 22:00
- on trade Sundays from 7:00 to 22:00
- on non-trade Sundays - closed
Call us on: 800 105 104
(Toll free)
Email at: Ezakupy@tesco.pl
How can I pay for my shopping? You can normally choose either to pay online or, to pay at the door by card. In both cases you will not be charged for your shopping until after it has been delivered to you.

Unfortunately we will not accept the cash as payment for your shopping. This is because our Customer Delivery Assistants cannot carry cash with them due to safety reasons.

At the moment, due to technical reasons, we do not accept Clubcard vouchers and coupons and gift and catering cards (e.g. Sodexho).

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What is the process for payment online? To pay online you will need to select that option during the online checkout process. You will be asked to enter your payment card details in the online form. We will do a simple card check to validate the details and then we will confirm your orders. You will not be charged for your shopping at this time. Your card will only be charged after your shopping has been delivered.
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What type of payment cards can I use to pay? You can use a debit or credit card to pay for your shopping. We accept the following payment providers, issued by banks in Poland, UK or Czech Republic:

  • Visa debit
  • Visa electron
  • Visa credit card
  • Master Card
  • Maestro
Tesco prepaid Gift cards are also accepted.
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Is it safe to pay online? Yes, it is very safe to shop online with us. All of your details are stored securely, including all payment card details. They are held in compliance with the law and are kept confidential.
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What is a security code? We ask for the security number from your payment card to prevent the fraudulent use of your account. This is printed on your card but isn't in the magnetic strip or embossed so only the person who has the card knows the number.

On most cards the security code is the last three digits of the number printed on the signature strip. If you are having trouble reading your security code, please contact your bank.
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What happens if my payment fails? If you enter payment card details online, we will not charge your card at that point. However we will make a check to verify the card. If this fails you will be notified of this on the website. You can change the payment method to paying by card at door. In order to make this change or any difficulties please call our customer services team who will be happy to help you.

Just before your delivery we'll check your card to make sure the full order value is there. If it isn’t we’ll contact you to ask you whether you’d like to switch to pay at your door, or whether you’d like to cancel your order.

Your payment card will only be debited by the full amount after your shopping is delivered.

For card payment at door: You can give the Customer Delivery Assistant an alternative payment card. Unfortunately we will not be able to accept cash.

If none of your payment cards work, or if in the rare scenario that there are any connection difficulties with the payment system at your door, we will have to take the shopping back to the store. You will not be charged if this happens.
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Can I use coupons or Clubcard vouchers for my online shopping? Unfortunately it’s not possible at present to use Clubcard vouchers on our website, but we’re working on our systems so we can accept them in the future.
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What is Minimum basket charge? Minimum basket charge – the charge added to the Order below the specified threshold at the time of the transaction, next to the Collection Costs in selected locations, displayed on the Website for a logged-in user. If you add Goods to the Order above a certain amount threshold (including order amends), the Minimum basket charge is not added. In selected locations, if the value of Goods added to the basket does not exceed the threshold amount specified on the Website, the Order Completion Cost may not be charged, and the delivery of the Goods will be free of charge. The information if the Minimum Basket Charge and free delivery is valid for a given location, is displayed on the Website for a logged-in user.
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